Friday, March 19, 2010

Gracias fans! We've been listed!

Hello lovely shopaholics,

Glad to finally informed that we've been listed by the Ministry of Fashion. Ow we are soooo excited! *applause* =P

The counter finally hit 1275
now. Aww~ Thank you, love! For that, we are releasing more and more items today. Feel free to browse through the page later, lovely. =)

For our fans that haven't join us on Facebook, do add us now, because we have something to give out. it's the Salary Sacrifice. We are giving 20% discount on 1 item for the luckiest 100th fans at our Facebook page. Wott!! Yes, 20% discount! So, grab this chance and stand out to be the lucky 100th.

*Do inform us when you hit the 100th on the fans list, because we are just too eager waiting to give out the discount*

With that, Happy shopping. =)

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