Friday, April 23, 2010

Hey ho, love!

Hey love! Hope you're doing gorgeous. We are on Trades today.

Do check us out! Till then, happy browsing and shopping. Have a fantastic weekends everyone!

p/s: Phew! Been such a busy weeks for promotions.

Monday, April 12, 2010

ROXY Purse

Code: 40
Brand: ROXY.
Features: Cute button at the front, has many compartments inside, zipper at the back.
Price: RM 47 (including postage).
*SOLD TO MIRA (26/4/2010)*

ROXY Polka Dot Tote

Code: 39
Brand: ROXY.
Features: Polka dot with 3 small pockets at the front.
Price: RM 49 (including postage).
*SOLD TO ADIBAH (18/7/2010)*

ROXY Transparent Tote

Code: 38
Brand: ROXY.
Features: Transparent with small button pouch inside, can take out if not needed.
Price: RM 40 (including postage).

originally Man U!

Code: 37
Brand: Manchester United.
Size: Can fit A4 paper, strap is adjustable.
Price: RM 47 (including postage).

it's beaded, again!

Code: 36
Features: Beaded.
Size: Can fit A4 paper.
Price: RM 36 (including postage).

White beaded handbag from Colors

Code: 35
Features: Beaded. Suitable for dinner occasion.
Brand: Colors
Price: RM 35

big brown Clutch!

Code: 034
PRICE: RM 20 (including postage)

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